Invest in a Durable Metal Roof

Rawlins, WY: Schedule metal roof installation today

Rely on Energy Construction to install a long-lasting metal roof on top of your property. We work closely with a local supplier, Bridger Steel, to cut out the middle man and offer the best prices. Plus, when you buy a metal roof from us, you're supporting two local businesses in one transaction.

For more information about our metal roof installations in Rawlins, WY, call Energy Construction today.

Do you need metal roof repairs?

Do you need metal roof repairs?

If severe weather has damaged your metal roof, it's time to call Energy Construction. Here's how you can determine you need metal roof repairs:

  • There are obvious punctures in your roof
  • A tree or other debris has fallen on your roof
  • There are bumps and dings in your roof from hail

Are you ready to learn more? Call Energy Construction at 307-324-4808 today to request a free estimate for metal roof repairs in Rawlins, WY.

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